Both men and women are affected by sexual problems. Most commonly such problem comes with aging but it doesn’t mean it could also be there while being young. Why am i talking about sexual problems today? On a coffee discussion with friends about ejaculation in men; a friend shared one of his worries and if he has to go to a doctor or not; if it is normal or abnormal; how to still enjoy sex with no stress and all . You see in Ethiopia, it is also kind of against our tradition specially if you are a girl/woman to talk about sex. And, due to lack of open discussion, education and counseling services so many families are torn apart and so many people both young and older are exposed to HIV and other STDs, pregnancy and abortion and etc . I am sure every one who grew up in Ethiopia also knows how much the none family teachings affect us through out our lives in such and many aspects. Teachings like these are such a ” Norm” that you hide and learn from the consequences on your own. I am sure not all but most families are and were like this. As far as i know , living in Ethiopia almost my entire 26 years of life plus working in hospitals in such aspects i saw that most people are ashamed and shy to talk about anything that concerns sexuality and sex in general plus the consequences that comes with it if you are not careful. I will defiantly touch that topic another time since it is really a big issue here in Ethiopia but today i want to answer to the question that was raised over our coffee so i am talking about the possible sexual problems that could affect men and when we should start to deal with it.


  1. Premature ejaculation – it is ejaculation that occurs before or soon after penetration
  2. Inhibited or retarded ejaculation – this is when ejaculation is slow to occur
  3. Retrograde ejaculation – this is when, on orgasm , the ejaculate is forced back in to the bladder rather that through the urethra and out the end of the penis.


  1. PHYSICAL CAUSES – there are many physical conditions that can cause sexual problems like : diabetes heart and vascular diseases, neurological disorders, hormonal imbalances, chronic diseases such as kidney or liver failure, and alcoholism and drug abuse. In addition, the side effects of certain medications, including some antidepressant drugs, can affect sexual desire and function.
  2. PSYCHOLOGICAL CAUSES – these include work-related stress and anxiety, if one person is concerned about sexual performance, marital or relationship problems,depression, feelings of guilt, and the effects of a past sexual trauma. For example anxiety can make a man become impotent at any time of his life, depending on external stress. The other possible psychological causes for being impotent could be :-
  • If  he worries too much about what his partner is going to think of him
  • If  has previous experiences that the man hasn’t fully resolved
  • Men who fear being judged by their sexual partner
  • If he fears being judged by his sexual partner
  • If his sexual partner is no longer attractive to them
  • If he worries about being able to maintain an erection
  • If he worries of the girl becoming pregnant
  • If he worries about his proper use of condom
  • If he feels guilty about the sexual relationship ( eg. when cheating on his wife or starting new sexual relationship after another has ended )
  • If he grew up in an environment where sex was seen as ‘dirty’ or where sexuality was often suppressed
  • If a man is depressed
  • If there are problems in the relationship as a whole
  • If a man is not confident in his sexual performance
  • If he has low self worth
  • If  the man is tired and works a lot of hours and become exhausted etc…

Treatment of sexual dysfunction by your doctor depends on the underlying physical or psychological problems. Which could include:-

  • Medical treatment – if it involves any physical problem.
  • Medications – to improve sexual function by increasing blood flow to the penis Medications like  Cialis, Viagra or Levitra.
  • Hormones – like testosterone replacement therapy for men with low testosterone level.
  • Psychological therapy – to treat anxiety, fear, guilt that may have brought an impact on sexual function.
  • Education and communication – Sex education and sexual behaviors, open discussion with your partner about your needs and concerns to help overcome many barriers to healthy sex life.

if none of the above mentioned problems are happening yet or staring to happen or no such experiences at all we should start preventing it by  limiting alcohol intake, quitting smoking, dealing with our emotional stress  (anxiety, stress etc) and by increasing communication with partner.

So, I leave the ” let’s deal with it” part to you and if such problems are already there i guess you know what to do now. And, if you have any experiences, ideas/advices to share to other men out there don’t hesitate to help out each other by sharing knowledge/experiences. Any questions/doubts?


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Ok this is me, Registered Nurse plus I'm also in Computer Science by profession and currently working on IT/eEducation at EiABC, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. Ok and what's my intention of blogging - there are so many things i would like to say and i also think there are so many ideas we should exchange with each other towards the healthcare/health issues in our home country Ethiopia. Dear readers, i am not really a professional writer but i just put down what i feel like sharing with you all and i believe together we can learn from each other and improve things by dealing with it..... Enjoy!! View all posts by ethiohealthcare


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