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  • Deep Ethiopian


    I love your blog and would love to invite you to a workshop that will be held in Addis Ababa. It is about working online and is hosted by an Irish NGO that aims in creating jobs and developing partnerships.

    As a both a blogger and ICT professional, I am sure you will have a double advantage by participating. Attendees will be bloggers, ICT professionals and small businesses that are looking forward to expanding their businesses.

    I would love to send you more detailed information if you are interested. Don’t worry, it is free and you are under no obligation whatsoever. If you have friends that are also bloggers and/or ICT professionals, they too are welcome to attend.

    Warmest regards,


  • ethiohealthcare

    Thank you Deep Ethiopian. I will be glad to participate and i am sure my colleagues will glad too. However, I will probably need more information. Can you please send me detailed information?

    Thank you,
    Kind regards.

  • acherwa

    hey there!

    Hope all is well, you have been MIA since October.
    Miss you

  • Cliff Gachewa

    My name is Cliff Gachewa of Atwater Pharma LLC. I would like to introduce our company to Ethiopian hospitals and Pharmacies.
    Atwater Pharma LLC (USA) is a contract manufacturer of both generic drugs and herbal products.
    Our mission is to contract manufacture hard to find drugs (HTF), branded, generic and OTC products in our U.S. FDA, UKMHRA, WHO, cGMP approved and inspected manufacturing plant located in India thus meeting and complying with the strictest international manufacturing standards. Our products are customized to meet our customer needs.
    Our management team comprises of entrepreneurs, ex-pharmaceutical industry executives, doctors, and licensed pharmacists who together have in excess of 100 years experience in the pharmaceutical and retail pharmacy industry. This broad experience has provided us with the knowledge and the business connections required to provide customer access to high quality low priced generic drugs.
    Our vision is to garner specializations in manufacturing and marketing of all segments of generic drugs that shall include product in-house research & development while maintaining the same & similar bioequivalence. We envision to being a global leader in manufacturing and supplying generic versions of all generic prescription drugs at the lowest cost by optimizing the scale of production & marketing.
    This understanding of the global pharmaceutical industry and international pharmaceutical pricing has allowed us to create a company focused on providing you with high quality generic prescription medicines at prices you could previously only dream about.
    We also supply our customers with API’s, Chemicals and Pellets.
    Looking forward to hearing from you with any questions you may have.


    Cliff Gachewa
    Vice President
    Sales & Marketing East and Central Africa
    Atwater Pharma LLC USA
    39 Tunk Rd.
    Steuben, ME 04680
    Skype: cliff.gachewa

  • editorT

    Hi there,
    nice blog about healthcare issues in Ethiopia. Are you still going to blog here or is it discontinued? I hope you do.

    I couldn’t get your email address here but I would be happy to talk to you on some issues. Can you drop me an email?


  • Ethiopia Teodros

    Hey there. Nice to see a person interested in helping others who lack the resources and access to healthcare information. I live abroad and wanted to help a relative’s newborn baby whose hand is bent backward and his fingers still moving because of a medicam malpractice when he was delivered. I hope it can be corrected if the right professionals can be met. Can you give me the names and addresses of some. By the way the details of the damage is that a nurse put to much bandage and pressure on it and it was left like that for a week while he was in an incubator( email is preferable).

    Thank you for the help.

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