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Barcamp Ethiopia 2011: Session on making good choices for ” Your Sexual Health ”

Well, i am asking you today one question. Who wants to attend such an interesting session? Ok, let me explain some about the event in general.

What is Barcamp 2011?

Barcamp Ethiopia 2011 is the second large Barcamp to be organized in Ethiopia, the followup to last years successful Barcamp at EiABC (Ethiopian Institute of Architecture Building Construction and City Development), Addis Ababa University.

What is Barcamp it self?

A Barcamp is a sort of “unconference” (BAR= “Beyond All Recognition”): It is organized and administered not by an institution or a company, but by an open community of interested individuals. It has no pre-structured program – everything is planned and coordinated through a web-based public Wiki  and other online tools where anyone can post ideas and participate actively through collaboration.

So far, over 400 Barcamps have been held all over the world with different thematic focus, also in several other African countries, but until last year, never before in Ethiopia.

Last year,  September 17 -18, 2010 there were about more than 300 people gathered sharing business and educational ideas, knowledge and people networking and all having fun as well. An amazing event with varieties of sessions was held at EiABC , Addis Ababa University where young people also went back home inspired.

For further information on what was organized by community of those interested individuals  last year :

So this time it will be held at AAiT((5kilo technology faculty), Addis Ababa University.  It will  have sessions which will include interesting topics, more inspiring ideas and experiences worth sharing. Among those sessions there will an important topic focusing only ”on your sexual health”.  This including both Men’s and Women’s health. I am sure you will find it highly educational, interesting and enjoyable.

So please do come with experiences and knowledge to share and of course questions/doubts you have.

For further information on this year’s Barcamp:


When: September 23 and 24 2011

Opening Party: September 22 (tentative)

Where:  AAiT (5kilo technology faculty), Addis Ababa


Power cuts in Health

It’s amazing that i never thought of how power cut can also affect clinics, hospitals and the whole health care. I don’t want to mention the place but when i was walking in to the clinic there were too many patients lying and sitting waiting for examinations. Some for ultrasound some for lab tests. The receptionist was really mad when the patients were asking again and again if it will come back or if they have a generator or something wondering if they will go one more step in identifying what’s going on in their body….being eager for treatment after diagnosis. Some were leaving losing their patience and some kept wating. I wonder how i would feel if i were in their place…..waiting for power while in pain. Just imagine….

The health system is already hard enough to support all the people in need of health services but i hope sometime soon the new hydro-power project that was launched will solve this problem very soon